Functional and Funded - Securing Your Nonprofit's Assets From The Inside Out

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Functional and funded

Securing Your Nonprofit's Assets From The Inside Out

Harvey B. Chess

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Praise For Functional And Funded

"The sound advice in this book is offered with candor and humor and challenges grantseekers to understand what they are trying to accomplish and why it’s important before dashing off in a chase of funding for program activities."

Barbara Floersch
Author, Second Edition, Program Planning and Proposal Writing, The Grantsmanship Center

"Skillfully written and highly needed, I suspect this book will have dog-eared pages because of the amount of time you’ll read the information while putting it to great use."

Amy Lignor

"...what you get here is invaluable practical advice distilled from a distinguished career as a fundraiser, grant maker and trusted advisor to nonprofits of all types and sizes," along with "... delights in challenging conventional wisdom..."

Tom David
Consultant in the craft of grantmaking, philanthropic strategy, evaluation, and organizational learning

"This is a great resource. I'm currently using it as a training guide with my Strategy and Development team and we are working through it over the next 7 weeks. Thank you for writing it!"

Jennifer Ellis
Chief Strategy Officer, La Familia Counseling Service

How it will help

Your Nonprofit Digs Around For Funds, Doesn’t It?

Functional and Funded is written for those of you connected to public benefit organizations under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code who are looking for improved funding. It features exceptional strategy for competing to keep your nonprofit in business in tough times.

Discover How to Add Muscle and Money To Your Nonprofit Development

Muscle and Money for Your Nonprofit - A Builder's Toolkit

Your fundraising companion

Muscle and Money for
Your Nonprofit -
A Builder's Toolkit

This Toolkit goes to the heart of my unconventional approach to dig up fundraising resources for your nonprofit. Feel free to reproduce and make every tool in the kit your very own. Then tell your organization's story like no other!

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"So, if you come to believe that change makes sense, feel free to reproduce and use every item you find here to stimulate collective action and create allies among others in and around your nonprofit."

Muscle and Money forYour Nonprofit - A Builder's Toolkit

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