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Securing Your Nonprofit's Assets From The Inside-Out

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Challenging Nonprofits To Clarify Why They Exist Rather Than Describing What They Do



Nonprofit management and resource development activist since 1965

He’s remained in the public and private nonprofit sectors ever since - as a staff member, trainer and consultant most often dealing with organizations with money to give and those that compete for such assets. He's come to understand that nothing less than a strong nonprofit presenting a strong funding proposal makes sense in these hyper-competitive times for pursuing resources - but only consistent with his own mission statement on this web site.   

Strengthening Your Nonprofit's Success In Completing Its Mission

He counts creating an uncommon and potent strategy for pursuing and distributing resources among nonprofit organizations as most important among the payoffs from his experiences and contacts over the years. This strength-based approach forms the foundation for the highly regarded training program for grant seekers he has delivered throughout the States; informs his consulting with nonprofit organizations; under-girds his message in speaking before assembled nonprofit folks, and his blogs as they will continue to unfold here; and punctuates the uncommon feature highlighting his books, including the upcoming revised edition of Functional and Funded, Securing Your Nonprofit Organizations Assets From The Inside Out.    

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Is Yours A Nonprofit Seeking Funds?

My book details an extraordinary way to pursue financial resources for your nonprofit. You'll build and refine the core funding proposal that tells your nonprofit's story as you reach out for diversified support. And, you'll add uncommon strength to your organization by doing this.

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