Functional and Funded is a great resource
for your students!

If you're teaching business administration in the fall – or any discipline that involves financing an organization that solves problems – you'll want to see Harvey Chess' magnum opus, Functional and Funded: Securing Your Nonprofit's Assets From The Inside Out.

Chess is the grandmaster of nonprofit finance. Functional and Funded is a blueprint for identifying a challenge and then assembling the team to launch, measure, and improve an organization dedicated to solving that challenge.

Functional and Funded
will be of particular interest to academics seeking funding for their own research, or who collaborate with nonprofits doing research, surveys, and project evaluations. Harvey B. Chess, a longtime trainer himself, has several examples in the book of teachers getting their projects funded!

Harvey B. Chess has advised hundreds of organizations and passed judgment on thousands of funding proposals. He tears down operationally-focused proposals that "run programs at people," and builds a mission-focused New Proposal Framework from the ground up. His writing style is tough love, tell it like it is, "business unusual."

Functional and Funded
has graphs, worksheets and checklists that are easily converted to examination questions and homework assignments. Imagine the good you could accomplish by having students complete a funding proposal for a worthy cause of their own choosing?

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Functional and Funded - Securing Your Nonprofit's Assets From The Inside Out

Functional and Funded: Revised Edition
by Harvey B. Chess

Harvey B. Chess Publisher, paperback, 6” x 9”
178 pages, forms, checklists, worksheets, resources, index

ISBN13 978-0996314749,
ISBN10 0996314741

available from Ingram, Baker & Taylor, etc. US$24.95

Recommended Excerpts:

18-19 Grant-Eligible Categories
The list of entities that typically qualify for grant funding includes many in the education sector: professorships, fellowships, lectureships, research, curriculum development and conferences/seminars. Should be strong interest in the book from academia. Use as basis of textbook adoption campaign.

135-140 Resource Connections
Reworked as a Top 10 Resources for Funding Proposals, it would be a manageable list to maintain for your website. It might work as a standalone excerpt you could syndicate online.

56-57 New Proposal Framework
Makes a nice, short teaser for the book.

99-103 The New Proposal Framework Expanded This is a terrific condensation of the New Proposal Framework and would work well as a standalone piece. However, it might be giving too much away to syndicate.

152-153 Simple Guide to Project Planning Short, compelling, a good standalone giveaway excerpt. I like that the title says "project planning" and not fundraising. Appeals more to business administration professors. The book is an excellent guide to entrepreneurship as well as nonprofit.

References to Educators:
18-19 Grant-Eligible Categories. 64 Example of successful educator funding proposal. 66 Nonprofits working with researchers to collect data. 80 Nonprofits working with researchers to design evaluations. 126-127 Successful funding proposal for classroom technology and training.