harvey b. chess

As a young man, I wandered. Whether at the private secondary school where I was a day student years ago or at extended family gatherings, entering into college(s), and even after stumbling into fatherhood, I wandered. Small wonder, then, that much of my professional life has had me presenting resource development training sessions in every state in this country. This was after wandering into a recruiter's office in 1965 to be hired to work at a new federal agency with a mission to eliminate poverty in this country. No surprise when I also wandered away from the opportunity to become a career Federal Civil Servant, but that experience at The Office of Economic Opportunity was my touchstone.

I came to discover consonance between what matters to me and the work I have been privileged to undertake ever since. This has always been with and among people in nonprofit organizations - as a well-regarded trainer, peripatetic consultant, and fitful volunteer –– and now as an author. Most recently I have completed a book that will help you strengthen your nonprofit organization before and after you submit your funding proposal for consideration or competition. So the wandering that has marked my life is now largely confined to what happens in my brain. At my age, this is a good thing.

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