Functional and Funded

Boiling It Down

Pursuing resources for your community-based nonprofit in tough times demands nothing less than a solid organization with a diverse funding base. And, my book presents you with a potent approach to achieve this and compete for $$. (And you know that, for most nonprofits, this is an ongoing necessity.) Use the book to reaffirm or upgrade your skills for securing assets for your nonprofit, while at the same time strengthening the organization as you do this. This goes for staff or board members, volunteers or consultants, anyone connected to your organization. You'll be able to develop an exceptional strategy to help your nonprofit stay its mission-driven course by: 1) Building the core funding proposal to tell your organization's story. 2) Refining it every time you seek out diversified financial support. 3) Adding uncommon strength to your nonprofit as you do this. Payoffs? Muscle and Money for your Mission-driven Nonprofit.

Harvey B. Chess
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