Functional and Funded

Gratitude for Words of Praise from TGC

Wanted to share what Cathleen Kiritz, the CEO of The Grantsmanship Center had to offer about my book in her review on Amazon, aka Godzillazon. Meaningful because of my long relationship as a trainer for the center years ago. As follows:

"Harvey Chess is a gifted trainer, writer and leader who’s contributed extensively to the nonprofit community for a generation. His passion for equity and community building infuses his language with humanity, creating a style that’s both practical and inspiring. In Functional and Funded, Harvey uses The Grantsmanship Center’s 8-part model to explain how to create powerful funding proposals, but he doesn’t stop there. By expanding the model with a 9th element, “blending resources,” he shows you how to pull all the pieces together for maximum impact. With an unblinking emphasis on ensuring results and unwavering advocacy for including the voices and perspectives of those you serve, this book delivers an energizing call to action. Harvey offers a steady hand to help your nonprofit manifest its mission."

Harvey B. Chess
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