Functional and Funded

It Matters Not If You Don’t Have It Together

I consistently see so called conventional wisdom in the form of publications, electronic or otherwise, about how to go after, say, government grants - or foundation grants - or how to do crowdfunding. The emphasis is on how to fit what you're seeking - that would be money - to the requisites of the prospective "investor." This unfortunately is only part of what you need to consider in such a scenario. I'll put it this way. It doesn't matter how you nuance a pitch for funding, if your organization doesn't have it together internally. That's right. This is also why my book is titled FUNCTIONAL & FUNDED. It doesn't just show you how to build up your funding proposal - though I am humbly persuaded that my approach is in a setting by itself. It also describes in detail how you will strengthen your nonprofit as you go through the building process. And, you emerge with absolute clarity about the core principles to use every time you decide to propose support from any type of funder, and this includes individuals. Your take- away from my book: the tools to build a strong organization while you are building a strong proposal.  You can afford nothing less in these competitive times for pursuing assets for your nonprofit.

Harvey B. Chess
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