Justifying The Work of Nonprofits: Hunkering Down

The following link takes one to a difficult story, and my reading suggests that he got things right. So, if we are in for tough times, this continues to suggest to me that the work of nonprofit organizations is still, and I use this word advisedly, VITAL.

As the author indicates, "I’ve come to believe that the best place to live is precisely between two worlds — between the world of despair and frustration, which reminds us of the work we must do and the stakes involved, and the world of awe, wonder, hope, inspiration, and love, which refuels our minds and our hearts, and keeps us going."

Those words took me back to the many, many times I was privileged to seek ways to support the work of people in and around grass roots nonprofits, grappling with that in between to increase the quality of life for community members looking to them for guidance.

It was just such experiences that motivated me to write my book listed here on the site, a book that begins with acknowledgement of shared values before digging into how nonprofits can best prepare themselves for the hunkering down that's in the works.

Harvey B. Chess
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