The Beast Known As Godzillazon

Below a copy of the email I just sent to Amazon, aka Godzillazon, with of course a corporate non-response response.

I am contacting you once again about the drastic discount on my newly revised book, Functional and Funded, Securing Your Nonprofit's Assets From The Inside Out, Revised Edition. I wrote before and asked about this, and since then the price for my book has been lowered even further to just under $9.00.

You mentioned in your previous response that my royalty remains the same irrespective of your pricing. I understand this, but the price you list here undercuts the price through any other selling outlet, including my own web page.

Furthermore, the price you are listing here is nearly equivalent to my cost when purchasing copies of my own book from Ingram Spark where it is produced.

I'll ask again, is this the way you support a self-published author such as myself?

To make matters worse, you are offering the previous edition of my book, no longer being produced, at its full price.

Let me also add that I have been a consistent consumer of products at Amazon for years, and pay for Prime annually. Apparently, this doesn't mean a thing to your corporation.

I'll await a response before doing this, but it appears that I am being forced to cease doing business with Amazon both as an author and consumer.

Harvey B. Chess
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